Other Benefits

Airfare Bonus

When going through the initial process of working with YiBo, you can choose from multiple contracts with a 1000 USD airfare bonus. This bonus is paid at the end of the teaching period to help you make your next move to further your career. We make it easy for you to travel to China with little cost.


Chinese Lessons

As a YiBo teacher, you can choose from multiple contracts that include 2 Hours of Free Chinese Lessons each week! We know that Foreign Teachers love to learn Chinese, and really… Why wouldn't anyone want to learn Chinese? It is becoming one of the most important languages in the world. Teaching English with YiBo is a great way for you to become proficient in Mandarin Chinese! Foreign Teachers have Chinese Lessons in the spacious and comfortable YiBo Office.


Free School Lunch

 YiBo Teachers all receive a free lunch at their school. As a YiBo Teacher, you are provided with a free lunch every day that you are at school teaching the kids. The lunches are nutritious with a mix of meat/tofu, vegetables and rice/noodles, and often include soup. These lunches are low in fat and provide good energy for the afternoon classes. How great is it on your budget that you can get a very healthy, and a very filling meal for free 5 days a week? After hearing feedback from many teachers, it is great! It gives teachers extra room to save money for all of life’s different needs. 


Professional Assistant

 Teaching in China can be hard for English Teachers without fluent Chinese Speakers to assist them in many ways. That is why we at YiBo provide Chinese Staff to help you. Our Assistants help teachers do a number of things to help them get integrated into China. Assistants help Teachers to open bank accounts and complete their police registrations (In Beijing all residents have to register their address with the police station). Our assistants help you with translation services and communicate on your behalf with our partner schools. They also communicate with landlords and help with other apartment issues, as well as helping you pay bills and go shopping!


During Tax Season

While teaching throughout the year your country may have you file for taxes. The great news is we can handle all proof of income needed for any government regarding your pay each month for your taxes.